Following the conclusion of the ‘Council of Leaders’, Nino Burjanadze responded to the statement by the US Ambassador positively evaluating the pre-electoral environment: “’Council of Leader’ compiled a very interesting document regarding the pre-electoral environment. It is unfortunate that the US Ambassador rushed his assessment of the elections, as though, on purpose. All oppositional parties regard the pre-electoral environment as unequal and unfair, yet, the US Ambassador makes a positive statement on the same issue. Which is incomprehensible.
In her comment following the conclusion of the ‘Council of Leaders’, where leaders of 14 oppositional parties met with diplomatic corps, Nino Burjanadze stated: “’Council of Leaders’ made collective judgment that our unitary position is that pre-electoral environment was certainly unfair, unequal and tense, as there were numerous incidents of harassment, not even mentioning the massive utilisation of administrative resources.”
While meeting with electorate in Borjomi, Nino Burjanadze stated: “In Borjomi, just like all across the country, we have a very decent majoritarian candidate and electoral list full of very good people. Funds that the ‘Georgian Dream’ has spent in its pre-electoral campaign means that, partially, Ivanishvili has already bought elections. 11 million against the 300 000 of the opposition. One should also note that the aforementioned 11 million is an official and declared number. It is not difficult to guess how far greater is the sum of undeclared money.”
While meeting with the electorate in Akhalkalaki, Nino Burjanadze stated: “I am very glad that people are so actively engaged in pre-electoral campaign. I am happy that in Akhalkalaki, we have large number of supporters, many of whom represent younger generations. As Burjanadze noted, it is unfortunate that in Akhalkalaki, just like in many other regions, for years now, we encounter same problems over and over again. It is a fact that the ‘Georgian Dream’ has not fulfilled none of its promises, therefore, people are disappointed.

This document represents a joint monitoring report on the pre-electoral environment by the oppositional electoral subjects. It aims to unite the effort of the aforementioned in monitoring and the evaluation of the electoral environment in face of mounting pressure from the government.
With the election day closing in, the utilisation of the administrative resource for political aims and the incidence of blackmail and harassment against the oppositional candidates and their supporters, has become particularly topical.
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