While commenting on the statement of the Minister of Defence where he labeled the war games in Abkhazia as a threat, Nino Burjanadze argued: “Mr. Izoria is gravely mistaken if he believes that he is the Minister exclusively for those who live on this side of barbwires.
While commenting on the statement of the Minister of Internally Displaced Persons Sozar Subar who stated that it is impossible for oppositional parties to carry out pre-electoral campaigns in regions without serious finances, Nino Burjanadze stated that Subar’s statement was either insincere, incompetent or a slander.
One of the leaders of the Democratic Movement Dimitri Lortkipanidze has commented on the statement issued by the mother of the Georgian Wrestler Avtandil Khrurtsidze.
In his interview to InterPressNews, Dimitri Lortkipanidze is calling on the President, the Minister of Sport and Wrestling Federation to provide assistance to the Georgian citizen.
“Unfortunately, yesterday’s events proved that the Ukrainian government is not functioning. Poroshenko got what he deserved. I have warned Poroshenko several times not to do what he did – to hail Saakashvili as a hero and alongside with his fellow criminals provide more than a refuge for him in Ukraine.”
The former Chairwoman of the Georgian Parliament stated that: “Mikhei Saakashvili understands it rather well that the only way for him to survive is to return to Ukraine today, furthermore, if he deems it necessary to return to Georgia despite the risk of detention, Saakashvili will be willing to go to prison. Whether we like I or not, it is clear that Saakashvili is a political animal.
In her comment over Mikhail Saakashvili’s statement, Nino Burjanadze suggested that “It seems that Saakashvili considers himself as a President of China or Russia when he argues that over 3000 tanks and 200 fighters took part in the Five Day War. I seriously doubt that it is even theoretically possible.”

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