Nino Burjanadze: Once and for all, governments of this country should stop labelling the people protesting in the streets as traitors.

Nino Burjanadze has made a comment on recent developments in Batumi.

"It is a pity that the protest went as far as it did. The government should have done everything in its powers for the tensions not to reach this level. Statements that I hear from the government labelling all the protesters as traitors and enemies of the state, before the commencement of investigation, is categorically unacceptable and this will not lead to stability.

For me, the most disturbing was complaints voiced by residents of Adjara and Batumi towards the high-ranking police officials. Their complaints were filled with indignation and were claiming that they were being insulted, being called Tatars.

Division of Georgians cannot be forgiven, and the government must investigate whether one of the ignorant representatives of the government is indeed dividing Georgians and immediately and proportionally punish those responsible. If slander has taken place, those responsible must be punished as well.

This is a very important and sensitive issue and ignoring it would put is in a very difficult situation.

This is an alarming signal and can bring grave consequences, if the government does not react adequately.

If the government took timely and adequate measures, I am sure that tensions would not have reached this level.”


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