Nino Burjanadze: “We will formally request a referendum on land ownership issue.”

It is no coincidence that it was our party, which vehemently put forward the issue of land ownership protection during the work of constitutional commission. It was Democratic Movement that requested the amendment of constitution and creation of extraordinary article which would prohibit the sale of Georgian land to foreigners. I am glad that today, the whole oppositional political spectrum and the great majority of society is united in active support of our initiative..

In present, Georgian land is being sold without regulations. One month ago, we requested information on the issue from the Ministry of Justice, but they did not reply. It seems that this is a very consistent process, which is in the sphere of someone’s interest – to sell a large portion of Georgian land, and that is why the government is opposing this amendment, which aims to prohibit the sale of Georgian land, at least, until the reunification of our country. I would like to highlight that I consulted with different oppositional parties and have knowledge of their public and private positions. I would like to call for absolutely all political organisations, to set aside partisan interests and unite around this issue. We should unite our efforts with the part of our society which shares our position, and prepare for a referendum. This should not be the issue of partisan party interests, this should be national, public and united struggle.
What happened yesterday is a lesson to be learned by the government. Nevertheless, the government does not seem to internalise such incidents. I call for the Georgian people to unite and not to let the ruling party adopt the constitution which will be ruinous for our state. If we let the ruling party adopt this type of constitution, results will be irreversible. The government should understand that by their actions, they will not only oppose a certain political parties, but the whole Georgian population. Therefore, Georgian society must express their position on the issue and deter Bidzina Ivanishvili from pocketing the state and constitution. This is an existential issue, and to my belief, all partisan interests should be set aside.”


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