Gigla Baramidze: Society gave strict response to government’s actions.

In his comment on Constitutional Discussion held in Tbilisi, Gigla Baramidze argued that “the ruling party seated in Presidium alongside Giga Bokeria calls on us to take the road of Ilia Chavchavadze, yet, they are doing just the opposite.”

According to Baramidze, on the one hand, the government argues that Georgian land should not be sold to foreigners. On the other hand, they are doing everything in their power to transfer this vital strategic resource to foreign ownership. “Georgian society clearly stated its critical position over the issue. Students as well expressed their position and in sum, people did not support these hideous constitutional amendments that the ‘Georgian Dream’ is pursuing.”

As he noted, there are times when political sympathies and partisan interests lose significance. “It was Ilia Chavchavadze who established ‘nobility bank’ for buying out the land deposited by the nobility. Present government, however, is doing everything in its powers to transfer Georgian land to foreign banks. Therefore, what happened yesterday is natural. Society gave strict response to government’s actions.”


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