Nino Burjanadze: “time will come and future generations will understand that the sole appropriate way to save our country was being voiced by me and my team.”
“I place full responsibility on Bidzina Ivanishvili for worsening state of affairs with regards to Abkhazia and Samachablo, which have been dire since 2008 August War under Mikhail Saakashvili. I state it with full responsibility that had one of the leading representatives of Georgian government visited Moscow, even in the immediate aftermath of 2012 Parliamentary elections, we would not have had Lavrov’s official state visit in Abkhazia, nor the military agreement according to which military units of South Ossetia converged with the Russian ones. Furthermore, we would not have to face the fact of deployment of S-300 air missile defence batteries in Abkhazia. All the aforementioned was a direct response to the actions and statements from our government.” As Burjanadze noted, time will come and political reality will be evaluated objectively. As she stated, at this time, the correct way to solve these problems will become visible and future generations will acknowledge that the sole correct way to save Georgia was being voiced by her and her team.
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