Nino Burjanadze: "The process of shifting borders is the fault of the impotence, inaction and incompetence of our government."
"I evaluate negatively every single fact of shifting Georgian borders, it is a fact that in recent years, day-by-day, our country is shrinking. It is a fact that land that rightful belongs to our citizens are being forfeited from them illegaly."
According to Burjanadze, the fact that our government is not reacting to the aforementioned issue is particularly alarming.
"This is a fault of the impotence, inaction and incompetence of our government. The statement where the government tells us to exercise strategic patience is insulting. We observe that our country is gradually shrinking and primary target of my criticism is our government which has no ability to halt this process."
As Burjanadze noted, 'Georgian Dream' will not be able to fix the relationship with Russia as they are afraid of talking, engaging in direct contact with their Russian counterparts and protecting national interests of Georgia.
"Present government is preoccupied by holding on to their seats. There is only one way out, direct negotiations with Russia. This is my impenetrable position. Until when should we be dependent on other states protecting our national interest? Support from our friends is welcome, but as we can see, there are many problems in today's world, therefore, waiting for international organisations and community to help us, sidelining other issues is just an illusion. If direct dialogue was held in the past, we would not have faced this situation. Dialogue should be consistent, not the one held by the previous government which made critical mistakes in the process. I can tell you with full responsibility that had there not been 2004 incident in Samachablo, we would not have faced that issue today."
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