Dimitri Lortkipanidze – It is not acceptable to abandon our compatriot in time of need, the victory of who has been celebrated numerous times by our country.
One of the leaders of the Democratic Movement Dimitri Lortkipanidze has commented on the statement issued by the mother of the Georgian Wrestler Avtandil Khrurtsidze.
In his interview to InterPressNews, Dimitri Lortkipanidze is calling on the President, the Minister of Sport and Wrestling Federation to provide assistance to the Georgian citizen.
“Mother of the detained athlete stated that Avtandil Khurstidze would be released immediately from the court, but the hearing was postponed. It is a fact that the process is being dragged out. Georgian athlete, alongside with 15 other Georgian citizens is being accused of participating in the Russian criminal syndicate. One should note that Georgian wrestler had an upcoming battle with similarly well-known Wrestler – Sanders, against whom, Georgian was widely recognized as a favourite. He could have beaten his opponent if this incident did not take place. Costs of a decent lawyer in the United States are pretty high, Georgian state, however, does nothing to assist its citizen and prominent athlete. On recent court hearings, the legal costs were covered by the money raised by friends and family.
As the Constitution of Georgia states, the state should assist its every single citizen, no matter where that citizen might be. Democratic Movement – United Georgia calls on the President, Minister of Sport and Wrestling Federation to react immediately and not to abandon the citizen of our country. I, personally, as a former Ombudsman, regard it as unacceptable to abandon our citizen, in time of need. A citizen, whose victories have been celebrated by Georgians for many years.
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