Nino Burjanadze – Poroshenko got what he deserved.
“Unfortunately, yesterday’s events proved that the Ukrainian government is not functioning. Poroshenko got what he deserved. I have warned Poroshenko several times not to do what he did – to hail Saakashvili as a hero and alongside with his fellow criminals provide more than a refuge for him in Ukraine.”
According to Burjanadze, Poroshenko got what he deserved as he insulted the Georgian people when he received and elevated Saakashvili and his team while they were wanted criminals in Georgia.
“For that insult, Poroshenko will lose his Presidency, but do not ascribe all this to Saakashvili’s actions. Yesterday, it was clear that American Special Services were assisting Saakashvili. All this was a planned operation by them.”
As Burjanadze noted, if Ukrainian government manages to restore its statehood, Saakashvili will not be able to succed there. But if the government remains as incompetent as it was Yesterday – when it could not protect its border, in that case, people like Saakashvili might succeed.
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