Nino Burjanadze: If the electorate does not come to elections, those people whose votes Ivanishvili have bought, will prove decisive.
While meeting with electorate in Borjomi, Nino Burjanadze stated: “In Borjomi, just like all across the country, we have a very decent majoritarian candidate and electoral list full of very good people. Funds that the ‘Georgian Dream’ has spent in its pre-electoral campaign means that, partially, Ivanishvili has already bought elections. 11 million against the 300 000 of the opposition. One should also note that the aforementioned 11 million is an official and declared number. It is not difficult to guess how far greater is the sum of undeclared money.”
As Burjanadze noted, everything depends on the activity of electorate: “If you stay at home, those people whose votes have been bought by Ivanishvili, will decide the outcome of the election. Therefore, I appeal to everyone not to stay at home and to be active. In our case, of course, they should tick N3 in all bulletins.”

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