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About us
“Darbazi” Statute

Democratic Movement- United Georgia’s “Darbazi” is a consultative-representative body, the primary goal of which is to discuss the crucial issues for the country, provide timely recommendations and support their practical implementation.

“Darbazi” is represented by people of various professions who are renowned to the Georgian public as prominent professionals in their areas of activities.

The Chairperson of “Darbazi” is the leader of the Democratic Movement- United Georgia Mrs. Nino Burjranadze, and in her absence – General Secretary of the Party, Mr. Vakhtang Kolbaia. Members of the Party Board closely cooperate with “Darbazi”. Member of the Party Board Ms. Manana Salukvadze coordinates “Darbazi” activities.

“Darbazi” meets on regular basis – once a month or more frequently if the circumstances require – to consider political developments in Georgia, various issues of importance, Government decisions or draft laws; develops recommendations and submits it to the Party Board. Party Board considers “Darbazi” recommendations in the shortest period of time.

“Darbazi” also discusses party action plan and proposes recommendations for its enhancement.

“Darbazi” cooperates with the Party Board and its regional representations.

"Darbazi” of the Democratic Movement – United Georgia Party

I. General Provisions
Article 1

1. “Darbazi” of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia party is established by the order of the Party Chairperson.
2. “Darbazi” activities are guided by the Constitution of Georgia, Normative Acts, the Statute and other regulations.
3. “Darbazi” authorities and status is defined by the present Statute.

II. “Darbazi” Objectives

Article 2

1. “Darbazi “ major objectives are as follows:
a. Develop and submit to party leadership proposals on the political developments in Georgia,  various issues of importance, Government decisions or draft laws; draft relevant recommendations;
b. Submit proposals to the party leadership for refining party action plan;
c. Cooperate with the Party Board and Party regional representations.

III. “Darbazi” Objectives

Article 3

1. “Darbazi “composition is defined by the Chairperson and Party Board of the Democratic Movement – United Georgia party.
2. “Darbazi” is led by the Chairperson of the Democratic Movement- United Georgia, and in his/her absence – General Secretary of the Party.
3. By the decision of the Chairperson of the Party, one of the members of the Party Board coordinates “Darbazi” activities.

IV. “Darbazi” Work Organisation

Article 4

1. “Darbazi “meets at least once a month;
2. “Darbazi” meetings are convened by the Party Chairperson by his/her own initiative, upon the request of the General Secretary and Party Board, or the majority of “Darbazi” members;
3. “Darbazi” meeting agenda is approved by “Darbazi” upon the submission of the Party Chairperson;
4. The issues for discussions at “Darbazi” meetings are initiated by:
Party Chairperson;
Party General Secretary;
At least 3 members of the Party Board; and at least 3 members of “Darbazi”;
5. “Darbazi” prepares proposals and recommendations to be submitted to the Party Board. The Party Board is obliged to consider “Darbazi” recommendations.
6. “Darbazi” meetings have plenary power if it is attended by the majority of its members.
7. Decisions at “Darbazi” meetings are taken by the majority of votes of the “Darbazi” members attending the meeting. In case of equal number of votes, the vote of “Darbazi” Chairperson is decisive.

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