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Burjanadze: In the West, the prestige of Georgia is close to zero.

In her comment on the statement made by Sebastian Kurz, Nino Burjanadze stated: “I would like to reserve my hopes that the statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria was just his personal idea, and this initiative will not be pursued.”


As Burjanadze noted during her conversation with IPress, the government should understand that even if it commences negotiations on this issue, it will face strong reaction from the population.



“The statement by the Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs was very surprising to me. Everyone should understand it well that it should be absolutely impossible to even speak on this issue – to emplace the centre for migrants in Georgia. This obligation was taken by the member states of the European Union. As Georgia is not the member of the EU, it has no obligations to take on migrants. I would like to express my hope that it was just the idea of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and will not turn into policy of the EU. Otherwise, it will be vehemently opposed by us and by the society as well.”


Burjanadze has also assumed that it was also unexpected for the Georgian government as well.


This was perhaps a surprise for the government as well. I hope that they are not lying. The government should understand that commencement of negotiations on this issue will create great problems. The government, in many cases, has a slavish attitude towards Western institutions. I do not exclude that it makes the decision that will be totally unacceptable to the government. But I do not think that they are so ignorant.”


According to the leader of the democratic movement, Georgia’s prestige and authority on international arena is close to zero. Therefore, she believes that this statement, in this context might not be accidental.


“It is not a coincidence that Georgia was mentioned in this context as our government does nothing to strengthen our prestige and authority on international arena. This was clear on many occasions. For instance, when three candidates for judges in Strasbourg were proposed, and all three of them were rejected. As I know, this was the first precedent in the history of the European Court of Human Rights. Not even mentioning the recent decision made by ECHR on Rustavi 2 – a great failure for our government.”

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